Match 3 puzzle fun with Crazy Birds!



Crazy Birds is a Match 3 style bubble shooter game in which you have to match colorful round bird creatures in combinations of three, depending on the color they are made of.

There are 3 unique gameplay modes with over 250 exciting levels with tons of shooting fun, and the bubbleshooter gameplay elements is present in all of these modes!

Fast-paced bubble shooting action!

In all of the game’s modes, you will be shooting different birds to a clutter of other birds, trying to match them according to their color. If you match three or more, they disappear. There are certain things that happen in the game regardless of game mode, so we will cover them now.

When you manage to make a match that involves more than three pieces, you might get the special rainbow shot. It can be matched with any other bird, regardless of color or quantity. If you wish to save this shot, or if you want to change the color of your shot as you normally play, you can use the left click button to do so. You always have at least one other bird ready to be shot, and this allows you to plan ahead, even if both of them are of the same color.

While you might mostly care about power ups, there are other things that might appear when you do big chains of matches. These can be gems or coins, and they simply represent points. In these types of games, points are very important so you can compare your score to other players or even with your own record.

Yet the source of said points can also be a hindrance. You see, to get them you have to shoot a bird towards the item, it does not matter if it is stationary or moving. When you do so, the bird and the coin disappears, and you gain the points.

The reason why you might not want to do this, is if you have lined up the perfect shot and it gets wasted on an item you did not notice. On top of that, your next bird might not be the color that you needed in order to make said perfect shot. So, in a way, this is both a blessing and a curse.

As you beat levels, you can see the ones you have unlocked on the map screen. Over here, you can select and re play all of them, and this is true for all game modes.


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